On Imperfection


Are You Afraid of Success?

By Jocelin Higgins

Have you ever felt like you are not good enough to make your dreams come true? Perhaps in your mind you’ve told yourself that you are worthy and that you really want to change your life in some way, but then this feeling of inadequacy creeps in and causes you to postpone or worst yet, not even attempt the things that you want to do.  Or, perhaps these limited beliefs may cause you to procrastinate doing these very activities that would allow you to get closer to your goal or dream. They infiltrate your mind like dark clouds move in to block out the sun.

You Are Not Alone

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” Brené Brown

Such is my dilemma at times. When I  sit down and write, my thoughts can come in and talk me out of it. I will end up surfing the internet and getting distracted by other activities that are not related to my task at hand–writing. A practice that I love. Then, why is getting motivated to do it a chore at times?  The culprit is perfectionism.  This asinine belief system that people suffer from that can be a real drag to creativity and production. It says, “Why bother? No one will read it.” Or, “You don’t have what it takes to succeed.”  Well, I’ll tell you what…it is a load of BS! And, it is so important to ignore these messages and embrace your imperfection and that of others. Refuse to listen to the lies entering your mind that you are not good enough.

You Are Good Enough

It may sound like a silly Stuart Smalley quote (If you remember him) but, it is the truth. It is completely acceptable to be imperfect! It is totally okay to be in a state of constant learning. In fact, this is a wonderful attitude to possess. It’s never too late to learn something and it’s never too late in life to be successful! It is your right to be able to work toward your dreams and you can be your best friend and coach at any age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality! It’s in the comparing with others that causes us to lose hope. You are unique and you are the ONLY  YOU in this world, on this plane of existence, so honor being special and embrace your imperfections.  Then, let it push you toward excellence instead of perfectionism.

Discovering the Law of Attraction

Once upon a time, well, a few years ago…I learned about this metaphysical law called, The Law of Attraction.  It’s not some dating technique, although you could apply it to that.  The name was originally coined by Prentice Mulford back in 1891 and he began using it in his essays on the effects of thoughts on health.  It’s a belief system based on the principle that we live in an energetic world and our thoughts are catalysts for creation on an energetic level. Thought precedes action!

Law of Attraction

Manifesting Butterflies

A Simple Explanation

So, in simple terms, if one dwells on positive thoughts of what one wants to create in one’s life, these are more likely to happen then allowing negative thoughts of lack or failure to penetrate one’s mind. It puts the responsibility of the person having and controlling the thoughts rather that on external influences. It resonates with me because I began to realize that I have more responsibility for the reality of what exists in my life. Therefore, I strive to meditate on the goodness and wonder of all I want to enter into my realm of consciousness and existence.

How to Learn More

An excellent book to get started learning about this is called, The Law of Attraction: the Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks or another favorite of theirs that I refer to,  Ask and it is Given.  Esther also travels often, so you can go and see them live by checking their workshop schedule. Additionally, I have recently come across a couple of books by a witty and entertaining writer named Pam Grout. She strives to “prove” that The Law of Attraction exists and works by giving the reader a series of “experiments” to try on your own in order to see its work in action!  Her first book is called, E-Squared and the second one is titled, E- Cubed.  I’ve written a more in-depth review of the E- Cubed so stay tuned for that here on Feel Better Wellness.

Why Learn About The Law of Attraction?

My biggest take away from knowing about The Law of Attraction and applying it to my life is that I learned that I DO have the POWER to impact my life in ways that allow me to dream big and believe that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind on doing, regardless of my previous limiting belief programming, feelings of inadequacy or that nasty need to be perfect before I attempt something at all. Whew!

So, I encourage you to test the waters and see what you find! Be imperfect. Be vulnerable. Put yourself out there and embrace change. Dream big! Strive to reach these dream. Know that you will be accepted by the people who matter most. Believing in yourself is a liberating thing and when you stoke the fire of passion and momentum, so many absolutely wonderful events are bound to come of it! Keep your thoughts on what you want and monitor them often and before you know it, you are accomplishing so much more that you imagined.

I’d love to hear about your dreams or your manifestations or anything that you like to share. If you comment below, I promise to respond.  Aho!

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Ever Tried Emotional Freedom Technique?


What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Tap Your Way to Emotional, Physical, Spiritual or Financial Wellness

by Jocelin Higgins

Do you feel stressed out? Are you looking for a way to relieve this fight or flight response that builds up in your body, either through experiences or memories and causes you to be depressed or even miserable? Maybe you have recurring physical pain. This could work for you.

My Personal Training and Experience With It

Well, I discovered tapping a few years ago when I was getting my hypnotherapy certification and it can be a wonderful practice and solution for what ails you too! First of all, it is otherwise known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and it is a combination of eastern acupressure and modern psychology. It begins with tapping energy meridians in your face, torso and head. Much like acupuncture points around your body that are poked with needles, this is a less complex approach to release built up tension in your system. Did you know that it can also improve if not alleviate unwanted physical pain as well?  Read on and I will tell you all about it!

The Tapping Solution

This author and expert on EFT, Nick Ortner has written a book called, The Tapping Solution which shares some real life stories about people who have overcome ailments and emotional issues through consistent tapping and by speaking affirmations simultaneously. Here is a video clip with an interview with Nick by Jessica Ortner as well as a demonstration of how to tap. Why not see for yourself how its done?

Did you get a chance to watch it? How about taking a few minutes to try it yourself? I love how relaxed I feel afterwards. To me, it reminds me of how I feel after a yoga or meditation session. I’ve struggled with a stiff neck and so today, I tapped over this and I could really experience my neck releasing its tension and it becoming much more flexible. You may feel a little awkward at first, but after you experience the positive aspects and relief, you wont mind the perceived silliness that may be present as you try it. And, with consistency you will begin to miss not doing it.

Research Backs It Up

Harvard Medical School completed a study that revealed that the amygdala- which is a almond-shaped part of your brain that store the brain’s stress and fear response – could be lessened by stimulating the meridian points by the use of acupuncture, acupressure, AND EFT tapping.

Dr. Dawson Church  performed another important clinical study on a group of 83 people who tapped for one hour. Dr. Church and his team measured their level of cortisol which is a hormone secreted by the body when it undergoes stress.  They learned that cortisol levels dropped 24-50%. When compared to talk therapy, the cortisol levels showed no improvement after an hour session. Very interesting huh? Additionally, his work with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) sufferers showed vast improvement as well when there was a 63% decrease in symptoms after six consecutive rounds of EFT tapping. 

Tapping for Financial Abundance

As you saw in the video of the example of the woman Nick referred to, you can even use it to remove unconscious blocks or imprints around your income potential. You can tap away anything that is deep-set in your mind that prevents you from earning a higher salary or growing a business. “Thoughts are things” said Prentice Mulford.  It’s so imperative to consistently have the positive, uplifting ones that will serve you and assist you in financial wellness as well as physical and psychic health. At times, it’s difficult to just snap out of one thought in favor of a more positive new thought, so tapping gives you this medium for doing so. You repeat these affirmations over and over again AS you tap until your energetic body has processed these unpleasant thoughts of scarcity and you have let them go and deeply believe in your ability to draw in abundance through many avenues.

There are Some Great Resources Available

As Emotional Freedom Technique gains in popularity, you are able to find more incredible information on it. I encourage you to read up and learn all that you are able to. The more you invest in practicing it and giving it a chance to work for you, the better you will feel and be.

Here are a few of the sources that I found very useful and chock full of wonderful information.


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*This post contains some affiliate links in which I will earn a commission but at no additional cost you. I only refer my readers to books or advice that I support and believe in.

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