Natural Cures Instead of Pills?


Want to Join the Natural Cures Movement?

What is the Natural Cures Movement?

by Jocelin Higgins

Because I’m interested in feeling better holistically, I came across this really fascinating free online event that ran from October 6th to October 16th, 2014. It’s available now to listen to any time by downloading in MP3 format. It’s called The Natural Cures Movement (Or, Summit). It’s an opportunity to listen to holistic health care experts share their wisdom regarding many ailments that can be treated via natural methods instead of resorting to expensive pills that can have terrible side effects. I quickly signed up to check it out and learn some new tips on how to be healthier–I’m really looking forward to it!

I did some research for you so you could find out more about it first. I’ll also give more background information on who is hosting it and the Read on….

Natural Cures

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Who is the Host?

It’s hosted by Dr. Josh Axe, of, an expert in natural and sports medicine. According to the e-book that he cowrote with nutritionist, Cynthia Pasquella, called “Go Naked Cookbook“, he loves to prepare raw foods as well. This cookbook gives you free recipes just by joining the online natural health summit. He has also written three books: The Real Food Diet Cookbook, Superfood Super You, and most recently, The Secret Detox. Additionally, he also founded BurstFIT,  or BurstFitFIRE are interval training workouts for rapid fat-loss and he traveled to London with the 2012 U.S. Olympic swim team as a physician.

So, Who Are These Other Holistic Health Experts?

Dr. Axe has brought together all of these doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and many others that entails an amazing line up of over thirty professional holistic health advisors in this summit. Some are here to guide you to feel better with natural remedies for your emotional and mental wellness. Others are here to help you get more relief from thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders, leaky gut, Infertility, Lyme or heart disease. Many more focus on detoxification and how to switch to a raw foods diet or overall better nutrition to feel better more often. They will show you which foods assist in preventing cancer or allow for regular balancing of your hormones. I learned so much from it!

Find Out Who is Speaking and When:

Really, the list of resources here is so vast. Most days include four speakers. You can easily listen while you are driving to work, playing in the garden, cleaning house or cooking. You can also order the entire event recorded so that you can listen to them anytime as well as many times over. I find this extremely useful because I like to remind myself of what I need to do and how to change an unhealthy habit into one that will make me feel better and be healthier. If you want to check out the whole program go here! You also get some FREE recorded talks JUST for joining!

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