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So, What Exactly is a Motivation

Motivation Manifesto Review

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By Jocelin Higgins

Good question! I will answer this question for you in this blog post and explain why it’s important to have one especially if you want to be more motivated for success in all areas of your life–whether it be professionally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. I will explain where I learned of this idea for action by reviewing the book,  The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard and how it can encourage you to feel better about your life.  I write this on Martin Luther King, Jr. day and dedicate it in his memory and to all the wonderful freedom fighters out there! BE FREE.

“We do not need more time; we need a stronger reason to act so that we use time more effectively. We do not need to await more resources; we need to act and we will find abundance comes to us.  We do not need to wait for perfect conditions; we will find perfection in progress. We do not need to ask in order to receive; we need to give in order to receive, for in giving we are given to.”  -The Motivation Manifesto

How I Discovered the Author:

I’ve been reading inspiring books by Brendon Burchard for a couple of years now after learning about him while scrolling through my Facebook feed. I teach reading classes to college students and so I chose to have them read and respond to the book, The Charge: Activating The Ten Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive, which he wrote in 2012.  This book helps people live a more fully engaged life by activating ten vital human drives. I find it very reflective because he asks pertinent questions throughout called, Charge Points. My students love it and really experience growth in the process of reading and discussing the points addressed in this book.

So, of course I was excited to read and write a Motivation Manifesto review.  This book goes another step forward to teach readers about personal power and how to effectively claim that power to live our best lives. It’s written as a treatise in two sections by first opening up with a thoughtful understanding of our human nature: what is freedom? what is fear? what is motivation? These set the stage to describe why our fears and lack of motivation prevent us from finding our freedom in life.  In the second section, he lists nine important self declarations.

What I Learned from This Book:

As I was reading, I found myself saying, “oh, yes I can relate” quite often in agreement with what he was bringing forth. However, not everything applied to me as I found myself thinking, “this isn’t me” or “Why is he repeating himself by expanding a little too much on this thought? I get it.” But it definitely illuminated many areas in my life that I need to take more personal responsibility for and find better clarity in.

This book had an incredible launch and included a free online course as well as an invitation to write your own manifesto. I thought this was great and propelled me to understand myself better. Here are the three questions he gave us to do so:

Motivating Questions:

1) What will I no longer accept in my life?

2) What should life really be like for me?

3) What am I committed to making happen in order to create my ideal life?

The point of this exercise is to take a hard look at these and truly answer them honestly. We have so much more control over our lives than we think or have been programmed to believe. Self oppression from self-doubt or low self-esteem or internalizing what others have told us we cannot do should not force us to compromise on our happiness and contentment. Nor should it prevent us from dreaming and striving to meet them.

Why Have a Personal Manifesto?

Therefore, a personal manifesto can really allow you to create a life in which to be proud of and one where you can reach your full potential. Don’t we all want to reach our potential? I do. This book doesn’t sugar coat this journey though. Striving to better ourselves isn’t necessarily easy, he says. It requires us to face our demons and push through to the other side even if it takes much effort and persistence.

His Nine Declarations for Your Life to Be Incredible:

These nine declarations sure are a great start to a life filled with meaning and vitality. There is a chapter dedicated to explaining each one in more depth:

1) Meet Life with Full Presence and Power

2) Reclaim Your Agenda

3) Defeat Your Demons

4) Advance with Abandon

5) Practice Joy and Gratitude

6) Do Not Break Integrity

7) Amplify Love

8) Inspire Greatness

9) Slow Time

My Greatest Lesson from This Book:

Books have the capacity to really change our lives if we let them. I choose to read ones that inspire me and encourage me to grow. This is such an integral guidebook for doing so. It will make you analyze what you are doing or not doing in your life that is enacting a wall between you and your goals or dreams. It will teach you to challenge your previous beliefs and develop a new and improved mindset for accomplishment. It surely did this for me! I learned that I can have an expectation of success and continue moving toward being an accomplished writer, teacher and authentic and loving person.

“All motivation begins with ambition. Higher levels of clarity bring more ambition.” -Brendon Burchard

 Learn more about Brendon Burchard’s trainings.

I’d be interested in hearing how you are motivated in life toward success in any area of your life. How did you answer the above questions? Please leave a comment below and I promise to reply. Thank you for reading my Motivation Manifesto review! Namaste.

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