Healing Touch with Rubenfeld Synergy



Healing Touch

By Jocelin Higgins

Have you heard of Rubenfeld Synergy? I hadn’t until recently. I felt that since I didn’t know about it, I should find out because I’m very curious about alternative healing. The bonus? Then I could tell you all about it. Because, who knows? It could be just what the doctor ordered for you! It surely is a wonderful way to come back into your body with healing touch and feel more grounded. But, not like the kind of grounded you experienced as a kid.

Somatic Experiencing Healing Touch

What is somatic experiencing? Upon perusing the Portland Synergy newsletter, I find this quotable quote, “Most clients come to somatic therapy (experiencing) with an inner sense that the mind/body approach is the next step on their healing journey.” So, I asked my friend Patricia Keeler, the Rubenfeld Synergist of Portland Synergy if I could try a session of this Rubenfeld Synergy Method. She kindly obliged and now I have had a couple of healing sessions and receive her colorful newsletter.

So, we learn that Somatic Experiencing is for people who are on a healing journey. Healing from a trauma that gets lodged or stuck in the physical body memory, beyond just in the mind. Individuals find relief from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and many other psychological illnesses.

Do you feel out of touch with parts of your body? Not fully comfortable in your own skin? Then, this could be for you!

Let’s go back to the definition of somatic healing first before we get into what Rubenfeld Synergy is all about because they are similar. Somatic experiencing is a form of body-oriented psychotherapy in which a client works with a therapist through guided exploration by feeling and being aware of inner tension and their complete body senses as they are experiencing them. The aim is to relieve stress in the body and resolve any painful symptoms that are being unnecessarily stored in the central nervous system in order to bring on healing and wholeness.

Enter Rubenfeld Synergy Method

About 35 years ago, Ilana Rubenfeld, a prominent musical conductor in New York City found herself suffering from extreme physical back pain associated with the repetitive movement that her work entailed. She first reached out and learned the Alexander Technique, which assists people in unlearning poor physical habits so that they will improve body alignment and no longer experience chronic pain.

She practiced and taught this technique for awhile, but yet because she still needed something more, began a quest to research the combination of talk with healing touch. She studied with well known psychotherapists, one such being Fritz Perls at the Esalen Institute in California. Not long after, she integrated and synergized these healing modalities together and created her own, the Rubenfeld Synergy Method. She has written many incredible books, but here is a recent one explaining the method called, The Listening Hand: Self Healing Through the Rubenfeld Synergy Method of Talk and Touch.

What is a Session of Rubenfeld Synergy Like?

Well, it’s a very relaxing, integrating experience. You lie down fully clothed on a massage table. Next, a practitioner gently asks you some questions about pain that you are experiencing in your body.  Then, the healer orchestrates deliberate touch with hypnotic language cues which aid in releasing any pent up trauma in your being.

It seemed like it was about fully being present in your body in order to accept that it was okay to be in pain, but that it would move through you by letting go of this heavy energy. It reminded me a little of both hypnosis and EFT tapping, but with healing touch and centering in the body as well.

I would highly recommend that you try it yourself if you really want to know first hand. I felt much better and lighter, yet more grounded after experiencing this session. Patricia is an amazing Rubenfeld Synergist. If you live in the greater Portland, Oregon area, contact her here. If you live elsewhere, here is a list of Rubenfeld Synergy practitioners.

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  Mention that you are a friend and reader of Feel Better Wellness and try a one hour introductory session and experience the healing touch of Rubenfeld Synergy for only $50! It is normally, $65. Contract Patricia of Portland Synergy here!

May you experience complete health and healing in your emotional body! Namaste.


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